Academic Advising and Support

A student riding a bicycle in front of Dutton Hall Taking advantage of the many resources available to you at UC Davis is key to your academic and personal success. The following resources can assist you with services ranging from tutoring, to understanding degree requirements, to balancing academics with day-to-day life. If you are unsure of where to go, start with your academic adviser or use the “Contact an Expert” feature on this site.

Dean's Office and Major Advising

To help you succeed at UC Davis, multiple advisers are available to you within your academic college, including college, major and peer advisers.


Student Advising (OASIS)

The Student Advising site OASIS (Online Advising Student Information System) provides tools and services to help you throughout your academic career at UC Davis. For example, you can fill out a worksheet to track your degree progress, use the site's GPA tools and graphs to better understand your academic performance, or sort the interactive course list to see which courses you've taken in a given subject.
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UC Davis offers Orientation programs for first-year, transfer, and international and national (out-of-state) students. Each Orientation program is under the direction of professional staff in the Student Housing department, which is within the Division of Student Affairs. The staff works closely with the college deans' offices to tailor academic advice to each participant.
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First-Year Experience

For students living in the residence halls, Academic Advising Centers provide convenient, personalized academic support from peer advisers and tutors as part of the Residence Hall Advising Team.

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Student-Athlete Academic Services

If you are a student-athlete at UC Davis, you will typically have at least three academic advisers: an athletic academic adviser assigned by sport, a college adviser, and a major adviser (if you have declared major).
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Student Disability Center

The Student Disability Center (SDC) is staffed by professionals who specialize in different areas of disability: learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological and mobility. SDC staff will start by determining your eligibility for academic accommodations and ensuring the provision of accommodations necessary to promote independence, academic success and participation in campus life.
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Student Academic Success Center

At the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), you can receive help with general study skills, math and science concepts, writing essays and term papers, reading efficiency, English as a second language, time-management and test-taking skills and test anxiety reduction. The SASC also offers individualized advice and information to students interested in admission to professional and graduate schools.
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Student Affairs Officers in Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies student affairs officers support students within their diverse cultural communities and academic programs. In addition to providing seminar courses that help students better understand academic progress, they help students fully engage in the campus community and further develop their self identities.
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Community Resource Centers

Housed in the Student Community Center and North Hall, these community-based resource centers offer both advising and student life services.

Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is an online advising tool that helps undergraduate students (and their advisers) track progress toward completing graduation and degree requirements. It provides an audit based on published degree requirements. It does not replace your adviser. Make sure that you contact your adviser to inquire about adjustments or waivers for a requirement.
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