Arts and Culture

A group of students practice ballet in a dance studio

Mondavi Center

Presenting a rich program of diverse artists and thinkers in public performance and as the basis for education and engagement programs on our campus and in our region; and to steward and sustain a state-of-the-art venue for artists and audiences.

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A group of patrons view an art installation a the Nelson Art Gallery

Art museums

The collections of these museums span 20 centuries, five continents and uncountable peoples' cultures in exhibitions free to the general public and the campus.

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A student looks through the viewfinder of his video camera


Film lovers have a bounty of opportunities at UC Davis: hosted series and festivals featuring vintage movies, foreign films, and experimental and student work.

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A male and a female students perform a cultural dance together

Cultural events and programs

Find cultural events across the spectrum, from old favorites like Picnic Day to celebrations of ethnicity and the Campus Community Book Project.

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