Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse group of students laughing together at an on-campus event “We recognize that each of us has an obligation to the community of which we have chosen to be a part. We will strive to build a true community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring.”

— excerpt from The Principles of Community

The Principles of Community

Our shared commitment to fostering the campus's diversity is embodied in the The Principles of Community. The principles call on each campus community member to play a role in creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming of all through respectful interactions with each other.
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Campus Community Book Project

In response to the events surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks, the Campus Community Book Project was initiated in 2002 to promote dialogue and build community by encouraging diverse members of the campus and surrounding communities to read the same book and attend related events.
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Office of Campus Community Relations

The mission of the Office of Campus Community Relations is to ensure the attention to those components of the campus community that affect community, campus climate, diversity and inclusiveness.
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Campus Council on Community and Diversity

The overarching responsibility of the Campus Council on Community and Diversity is to provide both campus leaders and the campus community with advice on ways to strengthen and maintain the bonds of community at UC Davis.
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Services for International Students and Scholars

A major role for Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) is to assist international students, scholars and UC Davis departments with visa and immigration issues. SISS also provides orientation, assistance, information and referral to international students, faculty and researchers regarding financial, personal, cultural and academic concerns.
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Student Affairs Officers in Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies student affairs officers support students within their diverse cultural communities and academic programs. In addition to providing seminar courses that help students better understand academic progress, they help students fully engage in the campus community and further develop their self-identities.
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Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program

The Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program at UC Davis supports the university's commitment to a discrimination-free work and learning environment.
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Multicultural Immersion Program

The Multicultural Immersion Program creates awareness about how oppression impacts mental health, empower students to develop culturally relevant coping strategies and facilitate dialogue between and within different cultural groups addressing intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion and other concepts.
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Diversity Leadership Development Program

The Diversity Leadership Development Program is a certificate program designed to give students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences, learn how to effectively address complex issues, and learn how to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment in an organization or workplace.
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UC Davis Cultural Events and Programs

Learn more about the array of cultural events offered by students and campus departments throughout the year.
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Student Housing Diversity Calendar

Student Housing’s diversity calendar lists holidays and celebrations that are associated with many different religions and cultures and are celebrated by the diverse UC Davis student body.
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Community Resource Centers

Housed in the Student Community Center and North Hall, these community-based resource centers offer both advising and student life services.


Student Disability Center

The Student Disability Center (SDC) is staffed by professionals who specialize in different areas of disability: learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological and mobility. SDC staff will start by determining your eligibility for academic accommodations. For eligible students, they then work to ensure the provision of accommodations necessary to promote independence, academic success and integrated participation in campus life.
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Student Academic Success Center

The Student Academic Success Center houses a number of programs—including EOP, Guardian Scholars, TRiO—geared toward supporting various student communities including former foster youth, first generation, low income, undocumented students and other groups that are underrepresented in higher education. The Transfer, Reentry Veterans Center is also a service of the Student Academic Success Center.
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Campus Violence Prevention Program

The UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program, a component of the University Police Department, is dedicated to reducing the incidence of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking in the campus community.
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University of California Diversity News

The UC Office of the President offers diversity-related news and updates from UC campuses. UC reports on diversity are also available.
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University of California Diversity Statement

The University of California is committed to achieving excellence through diversity in the classroom, research lab and the workplace. It strives to establish a climate that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes respect for the contributions of all students and employees.
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